Zena Hamon
 is a multi-disciplinary creative based in the UK, using various mediums to convey gentle and simple moments from nature in an imaginative style.

"I feel an affection for those things all around us that often go unnoticed, flowers and plants that try to grow in unforgiving places. Visual harmony is really important to me and I look for beauty in everyday things to create art which enhances our daily rituals and surroundings." - Zena Hamon

With a background in fashion textiles, she graduated from the University of Brighton where she developed her unique style of drawing, found her love of using inks and the simplicity of Japanese art. Originally from the island of Guernsey, Zena returned home inspired by the ocean, coastal plant life and delectable golden hours. Working in a spontaneous and intuitive way, she uses both minds-eye and observational methods to produce her artwork, evoking an abstract, dream-like feel and meditative calm to each piece. Zena offers her work as a gentle moment away from the noise of everyday life, often posing the title of the pieces as a question to ponder.